Book review: ‘Immortality of the Gods’ by Nick Redfern

Subtitled “Legends, Mysteries, and the Alien Connection to Eternal Life”

New Page Books, 2017

ISBN 978-1-63265-075-7


Is it so ridiculous to imagine that our ancestors were visited by hyper-advanced beings from space?  It would be entirely natural for them to consider such beings to be gods.  It’s not just the ‘magical’ technology on view, their level of knowledge, or their awe-inspiring presence.  Perhaps these visitors were indeed effectively immortal.  In the last decade or so, futurists have begun to seriously consider a world where aging is eradicated – or at least seriously curtailed.  Gene therapy, cloning, stem cell research, advances in medicine – potentially a potent brew of treatments which might, together, offer a fabled fountain of youth to Humanity. 

As Nick Redfern argues in his latest book about the ancient gods and their alien connection, if interstellar space-farers were just a few centuries more advanced technologically than us, then it is quite reasonable to imagine that they had already cracked aging.  Indeed, one might even add that extending lifetimes considerably would be a mandatory requirement to interstellar exploration, given the timescales involved.  In other words, the very presence of spacecraft in our ancient skies millennia ago implies that the pilots are effectively immortal. 

But … we’re jumping ahead of ourselves.  Firstly, what of the evidence for such a contentious claim?

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Book Review: Ancient Giants of the Americas

Ancient Giants of the Americas: Suppressed Evidence and the Hidden History of a Lost Race
by Xaviant Haze
New Page Books, 2017
ISBN 978-1-63265-069-6


My exposure to the concept of an ancient giant people in the Americas has been largely peripheral – reading materials that have crossed my path when I’ve researched the Anunnaki (often depicted as giants in Mesopotamian iconography).  I’ll admit to not having been terribly impressed by the disparate shreds of evidence of giant human skeletons depicted here and there on the Internet.  Having read this book, however, I find myself more open to the possibility that among the many indigenous tribes inhabiting both the South and North American continents were ‘mighty men of old’, ranging from 6′ – 8′ tall…perhaps taller. 

There’s certainly plenty of evidence to that end in historical accounts written by the European men who invaded these lands, wiping out so many of the indigenous peoples through war and disease.  This book does an excellent job of pulling all of those accounts together from the four corners of the Americas.  Together, the case seems compelling. 

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