Rome Conference 2016

I met with my good friend and author Massimo Fratini, as well as Adriano Forgione, editor of two Italian-language magazine publications, ‘XTimes’ and ‘FeniX’, whilst visiting Rome earlier this month.

Massimo Fratini, Andy Lloyd and Adriano Forgione

We had a long talk about all the recent research developments involving the announcement of Planet Nine, and various other Planet X news, as well as the wider impact of the latest scientific discoveries.  I plan to head back to Rome for Massimo’s latest Planet X conference, to be held on Sunday 29th May.  The conference is to be held at the Hotel dei Congressi (, which is handily situated close to the end Metro stations of Rome’s underground Line B, to the south of the city.


This will be my third appearance at Planet X conferences at Rome, organised by Massimo’s popular magazine ‘Segnidalcielo’ (  You might wonder how I managed to become so involved with these guys from Italy, when my appearances at conferences in the UK and USA are rare, to say the least!


Massimo Fratini and Andy Lloyd

I was first invited by Massimo to speak in Rome back in 2009.  I didn’t realise this at the time, but the suggestion to write to me was actually made by the late Zecharia Sitchin, whom Massimo had first approached.  Sadly, Zecharia was not well enough to travel to Rome by then.  Perhaps he suggested that Massimo ask me instead because I live in Europe, but Massimo was already in the process of inviting other speakers from the US for the conference.  So, perhaps this was also something of an endorsement by Zecharia himself, who was well aware of my Dark Star ideas through correspondence between ourselves, and had written about the nature of the Planet X body with that in mind in his final book.

Either way, I have Zecharia Sitchin to thank for putting Massimo in contact with me, which has resulted in a great friendship between us.  I’m looking forward to catching up with some familiar faces in Rome this May, many of whom I have featured in my conference reviews:

So, this year, Massimo is presenting his new book “The Return Of Planet X” to the conference, and I will be one of a supporting cast of researchers presenting new work alongside him.  I, like him, have a lot to talk about, with the exciting developments in this field of late, as well as my latest theory to explain some of the difficulties which still remain unresolved.  It should be a very special event indeed!


For further information about the 2016 Rome Planet X conference, visit:

Written by

Andy Lloyd

18th February 2016


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