Hillary Clinton, Her Campaign Manager and Nibiru

It is well known that Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager, John Podesta, has more than a passing interest in Ufology (1).  He has gone on record calling for UFO disclosure, and arguing that the American people can handle the truth (2).  in the run-up to the U.S. Presidential election, WikiLeaks has made public thousands of Mrs. Clinton’s emails, including emails from Mr Podesta.  Some of these emails contain references to UFOs and/or aliens, although it has been noted that some of these are simply chance references by association, or to make a point (3).  Nevertheless, given John Podesta’s clear interest in the subject, some of these emails likely genuinely reflect his interest in UFOs and the possible existence of extra-terrestrial life.  As we shall see, Hillary Clinton appears to share this unusual passion, and so arguably is likely to be ‘in the loop’ with her campaign manager’s personal interest in UFOs and related subjects.

One of the emails from Mr Podesta to Mrs Clinton, sent 7th September 2014, originated from a correspondent, named Don Smalter, arguing that global warming could be attributable to Planet X/Nibiru (4), and warning of a possible “near-term worldwide cataclysm ahead” (5).  This appears to have been a generic email routinely sent out by campaigner Mr Smalter, which ended up in Hillary Clinton’s inbox (5).

The email was sent to Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, as well as Senator John McCain and Professor John Holdren (6).  Rather than being immediately deleted by Mr Podesta, he chose to pass it on, the reasons for which are unclear.  Given his alleged general interest in conspiracy theories, he may have found the contents of the email sufficiently credible to bring to Mrs Clinton’s attention.  Or perhaps his interest in the email relies more heavily on the climate change issue itself, and how other people may view its causes.  After all, Clinton’s rival in the Presidential Race, Donald J. Trump, is a fervent climate change denier:

“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” (7)

There is some hard-to-verify material currently circulating that future Russian disclosure about Planet X/Nibiru hangs on the outcome of the Presidential election.  Some claim, without providing any evidence I can see to back this up, that Russian President Putin is planning to provide disclosure about Planet X/Nibiru in the event that Trump loses the election (8).  My efforts to authenticate the original Pravda article failed, most likely because such an article does not in fact exist, and was entirely made up by the ‘reasonably accurate source’ relied upon by ‘Somebones’ for his contentious article (8).  Such tell-tale lack of verifiable sources didn’t stop this story from spreading over to the British tabloid press (9,10).

Conspiracy theory seems to be the order of the day in the U.S. political sphere at present, largely due to Trump’s extraordinary collection of claims.  But that doesn’t mean this is all smoke and mirrors.

In fact, Hillary Clinton has gone on record saying that she wants to investigate the truth behind the UFO phenomenon once president (11), even notably correcting the term UFO to U.A.P. –unexplained aerial phenomenon:

“The [UFO] movement viewed Mrs. Clinton’s decision to correct Mr. [Jimmy] Kimmel’s use of the term U.F.O., which some view as loaded and rooted more in science fiction than in science,  as a breakthrough because it “suggested she’d been briefed by someone and is not just being flippant,” Mr. Buchman said.

“In fact, Mrs. Clinton had been briefed. She was prepped by her campaign chairman, John D. Podesta, who is not only a well-respected Washington hand, having served as a top adviser to Mr. Obama and President Bill Clinton, but also a crusader for the disclosure of government information on unexplained phenomena that could prove the existence of intelligent life outside Earth.” (11)

Bill Clinton famously promised to look into UFOs before becoming president, but quickly hit a brick wall.  He and his wife seem to share a common interest in the subject, alongside some highly influential friends:

“During the Clinton family seven-day vacation in August 1995 at the Rockefeller Teton Ranch outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the 85-year-old billionaire [Laurence Rockerfeller] privately briefed the President and First Lady on UFOs and his hopes.  No one else knows exactly what was said, but at the time Mr Clinton, who had a personal interest in UFOs and was frustrated at the lack of information he could glean on it, was carrying out a review of how the Government handled confidential material.  Mrs Clinton was snapped later the same day walking through the ranch grounds deep in conversation with Rockefeller, clutching a copy of a book by Paul Davies called Are We Alone: Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extra-terrestrial Life.(12)


All of this would seem to make the possibility of a genuine private exchange between Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager on the subject of Nibiru rather more plausible than you might have thought.


Written by Andy Lloyd,

20th October 2016


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